DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA / Moroccan Dj and Producer mixing electronic music connecting with world music. 👌

🎥  Youtube – DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA at Anciens Abattoirs de  Casablanca. 2016 

Video report with ALTV About the DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA music project #contemporarymusic connecting “East” and “West” “North” and “South”.

📀 Soundcloud    Le  Vertigo Live (Vintage Mediterranean  Music)

💿 Soundcloud  – Carte Blanche ! LaBougeotte

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* TARAB ELECTRONY ‘2016’ collaboration de Othman El Kheloufi et Abdellah M. Hassak

Ce duo entre Othman El Kheloufi et Abdellah M. Hassak est le fruit d’une résidence de création et d’expérimentation des deux artistes à l’Institut Français de Casablanca explorant le thème de la transformation et croisant plusieurs disciplines (musique, arts visuels, performance).


* DUBOSMIUM ‘2006/2014’

DUBOSMIUM / Composer / musician producer of dub & electro world music, from Morocco / Casablanca.

With his unique Moroccan electro-ethnic sound, Hassak M. Abdellah, AKA DUBOSMIUM has marked his name as the only creator of music that combines Electroworld atmosphere with the culture of his country. Taking root in the young underground culture of his hometown Casablanca, his music reconciles the musical traditions with the electronic modernity of new technologies. It offers a posed and rhythmic homecoming trip. In 2010, this young musician became the winner of the “electronic music category in “Generation Mawazine” Contest and obtained official recognition for his work.

With already 2 albums in his belt, GREEN ELEMENT IN 2008 and HORIOZONTAL PLANE POLAR DUB in 2006, and over 30 collaborations with artists from all over the world, DUBOSMIUM name is now known in the world. He regularly collaborates with other artists such as the italien DUBZOIC with Step by Step or as GUITOUD with Heart&Soul, and his new project THE DIGITAL TURBANS with the Spanish Raul Usieto (Pecker) , Echeday Molina, and the Morocan artist Mahmoud Bassou (2013/2014), also SOU AMANE art project on the Water Cycle with Armand Lemal, Aali wicka & Nezha Rhondali (2014).




THE DIGITAL TURBANS is aproject Espagno-Moroccan 2013, Electro Rock / Pop and Folkloric music for Midlle Atlas, in partnership with The Pirineos Sur Festival in Huesca and the Boulevard de Casablanca.

THE DIGITAL TURBANS Pirineos Sur – Spain 2013 (1 Hour).



Live Korsa 2M TV 2014 (reggae / dub – music)